Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today's giant task was to photograph all of my Fourth (4th) Edition cards. I just finished (it's a tad after midnight now) writing up descriptions for the common cards, and they are uploading to my store as I write this. I decided to do something different with Fourth Edition. Since it's more recent the prices for the commons tend to be a bit lower, so I decided to sell them as sets of 2 copies instead of singles. This left a few "odds out" when I had an odd number of copies. So I'm going to put up a lot of ~50 cards to sell as a block, and see if anyone is interested. Gotta figure out a decent asking price...or maybe that one would be better as an auction.

I still have not found that blasted comic book.

Several sales in the store today. Enough that I have convinced myself I can afford the $9.95/mo Comcast charges for their DVR service, so I ordered that tonight (install set for Sunday, so I have a few days of anticipation of my new toy). I have to say - generally speaking Comcast is like Satan's slight-less-evil younger brother, but my experience with their "analyst" (Cody was his/her name) was quite pleasant. When you order a service online, you get to "chat" (the online version) with an analyst who confirms your order and service date/time. At one point I had to run and check my schedule for Sunday to pick the best time for which to wait, and when I apologized for the delay, Cody replied "No worries im just reading a tom clancy book, so im occupied." (literal quote there). Way cool! Someone else who drags a book along wherever 'cause you never know when you're going to need it!

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