Friday, May 12, 2006

Okay, I finally finished the Mirage set and got them uploaded. I did this set piecemeal, getting the commons up this morning, the uncommons this afternoon, and the rares just now (they're uploading as I type this, in fact). I only have the Visions cards left to go (91 cards in that set). I'm almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did get my final exam finished and sent in on time. Good for me.

My wife and I just settled on a new printer. Actually, it's a laser printer/scanner/copier combo machine from Brother. The laser printer we've been using is one I bought myself when I graduated from college (or even before then?) so it's now 14+ years old. The toner cartridge is running low, and a new one (if you can find it) costs like ~$150. This new machine was only $200. Not much thought required THERE. Bonus: the machine is Energy Star compliant, a must-have for us these days (in the house of compact fluorescent light bulbs, solar panels, etc.).

Only other interesting notes from today (technically yesterday at this point): 1) Awoke to an email from France, someone interested in the Unlimited Basic land sets. I sent him links which got me the Store Referral Credit when he ordered (3 sets of each of the five lands - whoopie!). He actually got the payment in before I headed off to the post office, so they're already on their way to him. 2) My big order to London made it safely, judging by the positive feedback left by Mr. Tree. Thanks for the order, sir!

Okay - I need to go get some sleep. Taking my sons to the planetarium tomorrow.

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