Saturday, May 13, 2006

This amuses me to no end! I am now an eBay Power Seller!

I got my invitation email this morning. The Power Seller status is mostly one which gives you bragging rights, but there are some extra benefits. There's increased eBay help support, and access to the eBay reseller marketplace (where I could, if I desired, buy large lots of items and then turn around and sell them at my store, or on auction). The biggest bonus is the Power Seller Icon which I can proudly display next to my user name on eBay, on my store, in my listings, and on my main non-eBay web site (which would be here - so I might just do that).

To be a Power Seller you have to:
  • have been an eBay member for at least three months. Check.
  • have a feedback rating of at least 100. Check (611 as of this writing)
  • have a positive feedback rating of at least 98%. Check (99.8% as of this writing*)
  • follow eBay policies. Check.
  • have gross monthly average sales of at least $1000 for the past three months. Check - sort of.

Okay, here's the problem - I only meet the sales criteria because I sold my brother's piccolo trumpet for him back in March for ~$2000. I don't think there's any chance of my maintaining this average unless the store REALLY picks up business soon. So, I suspect that my Power Seller status may be short-lived. But even so, I wanted to sign up for it just to say I had done so. "Besides," as I told my wife, "It will make for a great Blog entry." HAH!

* The one negative feedback left for me was by some psychotic woman who claimed to send me a check which never arrived, then got angry when her merchandise did not get sent to her. I tried to convince her that it did not show up, even suggested she ask her bank to see that the check was not cashed, but she left negative feedback. A look at her feedback showed a history of not paying for items (she had like only 60% positive) and then a week later her account was closed. But I still bear the strike against me. Blast that woman!!!!**

**Not that I'm bitter or anything.

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