Friday, May 26, 2006

Okay - I just finished typing up the second of the three boxes of comic books that I pulled earlier in the week. The last of them are uploading as I type this. I now have over 2000 items available in the store, which just amazes the heck out of me.

Only one more box to go, which I'll try to get up tomorrow. Then, maybe, finally, I can take a bit of a break and just deal with filling orders and what-not. That would be nice. Although I have been catching up on my podcasts while typing up item descriptions. I listen to Slice of SciFi (which covers news about SciFi in TV, movies, etc.), Dragon Page Cover to Cover (which covers SciFi and Fantasy literature) and Winging It (which pretty much covers SciFi geeks getting drunk and having sex), three podcasts by Michael & Evo. If you've never heard of them, check them out - very funny, and cool if you're into SciFi and Fantasy as I am. I'm also listening to a podiobook called 7th Son Book One: Descent by J. C. Hutchins from But that's enough plugging for one entry :-)

Earlier tonight I sold a set of three comics which had just been listed earlier in the day. Very cool. It was the first three issues of Elfquest: Wave Riders, a spin-off series from the popular fantasy series from WaRP Graphics. The spin-off didn't interest me much, so I stopped buying after issue #3. But, someone out there needed/wanted them, it seems, so good for them and for me that I decided to sell them!

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