Friday, May 26, 2006

I "meet" some of the coolest people through eBay.

The latest is a lovely lady from New Zealand (hi, Sandra!) who wrote to me, interested in one of Dad's audiobooks. When I set up all the entries for the audiobooks, I set them to "Ships to US only", not really thinking anyone outside the US would be interested (they're in English, which would cut out many out there, I think - but more importantly it can cost almost as much as the audiobook to have it shipped elsewhere).

But, Sandra was looking for this particular book as it can't be found in New Zealand, apparently. There were several available at the time, but "your listing & wording appealed to me the most" as she wrote (I hope she doesn't mind getting quoted here!). "I loved the way you described your father's collection and how the tapes have been looked after & used gently etc., plus I can almost imagine your dad's collection up in the attic - mounting up but pre-loved, and wanting new homes where they will be enjoyed again & again." As I said, I meet the coolest people this way.

So, anyway, I revised the listing so that it was available worldwide, and she bought it. It shipped off this morning. It turns out I overestimated the weight, so I had to send back a partial refund as she paid too much for shipping.

Someday soon, when I'm bored enough, I will go through and modify the remaining audiobooks to make them available worldwide. What the heck - someone cool out there may want to buy them!

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