Friday, July 31, 2009

Magic 2010 (M10) is here!

I just finally last night finished fully processing my Magic 2010 (M10) cards. I had 4 boxes' worth of Common cards sitting around waiting to be sorted, and I finished them off and made 8 more complete Common sets last night (to replace the 8 sets that were purchased yesterday by a customer in Italy).

M10 is as exciting as I was hoping it would be when it was first announced (read my post from back then if you need a refresher). There are many cards to be thrilled about, but for me one of the biggest "hot dang" moments was when I learned that this lovely card was being reprinted:

Lightning Bolt is back! As I explained in an earlier post, Lightning Bolt was one member of the one of the earliest Cycles in Magic, the "3 for 3" cycle that included Healing Salve, Ancestral Recall, Dark Ritual and Giant Growth. Of the 5, Giant Growth was the only one to survive all the way to 10th Edition, and in fact is in M10 as well. Lightning Bolt was decreed too powerful a card after 4th Edition and hasn't been in a set since. Until now, that is!

Other cards I'm excited about are Serra Angel (back at Uncommon where she belongs). I got many copies of this card (including 2 in foil) which is cool for me, because it's the only card I personally collect. The only disappointing thing about her being at Uncommon is that when I put together complete Uncommon sets, I have to include a copy of her as well! Agony!

The coolest of the new cards is this lovely lady:

Baneslayer Angel is a Mythic Rare for a reason, she has the exact same casting cost as my favorite Serra Angel, but is 5/5 against S.A.'s 4/4, and has First Strike, Lifelink and Protection from Dragons & Demons (the only thing S.A. has on her is Vigilance). She is the hottest card in the set right now, and I was fortunate enough to get 4 copies among the 10 boxes of M10 I opened up.

Nearly every single card from M10 is currently available at - and my eBay store includes unopened booster packs, and complete Basic Land, Common, and Uncommon sets.