Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I had another overnight sale - this time to a person in Italy. Only problem - s/he did not wait for an invoice to be sent, and eBay calculated outrageous shipping & handling for the order. S/he ordered two cards, which basically costs the same to ship as a single card, but eBay doubles the cost of a single one automatically. I can override that when I put together an invoice, and I do - I try to not charge an insane amount for s&h. Many eBay sellers will do that - lure people in with low asking prices, then gouge on the shipping.

Anyway, s/he paid the whole amount. Fortunately, I am able to send a partial refund to a customer, so I did exactly that. I was sort of torn - obviously s/he had no problem paying so much for shipping, and would have most likely said nothing had I kept the extra...but I just didn't feel right taking someone's money like that!

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