Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eventide is now available!

The newest expansion to Magic: the Gathering, Eventide, is now available at Don's Magic and Sundry!

Eventide expands on the themes developed in the Shadowmoor expansion, and is the second an d final) expansion in the Shadowmoor "mini-block". It introduces the new keywords Retrace and Chroma, and makes more extended use of the Wither and Persist keywords introduced in Shadowmoor, as well as the untap symbol!

Eventide booster packs contain 1 Rare card, 3 Uncommon cards and 11 Commons. In addition, each pack contains either a Creature Token card or a "Tips & Tricks" card. In random packs a Common card is replaced with a premium "Foil" copy of one of the Rares, Uncommons or Commons.

There are 9 Token Creature cards (2 are reprints on the front from Shadowmoor), 8 "Tips & Tricks" cards, 60 Common cards, and 60 Uncommon cards in the set. As I write these words, all are currently available at Don's Magic and Sundry and ready for purchase.

The Rare cards are available at my eBay store, as well as the Foil cards that I got from my opening spree after I received my boxes. Unopened booster packs are also available, as are Complete Common sets and complete Uncommon sets.