Saturday, May 20, 2006

Today was a happy day!

"Why was today a happy day, Don?" I hear you ask (I've bugged your computer's microphone).

Well, we had a lot of sales at the store today, for one. The only video game I had up went for $25. Someone bought the entire run of Peter Porker: the Spectacular Spider-Ham (don't ask) for $23. Some Magic cards sold. All in all, very nice.

But the bestest (yes, that's a word, so there) news of all is that the Store has been up for 30 days now, and the very first Magic cards I listed renewed themselves tonight, as they are listed "GTC", or "Good 'Till Cancelled", they are listed for 30 days at a time, and unless I stop them, they relist automatically.

"What's so good about that?" you ask.

Well - I had thought that when they renewed, I would be socked for another $0.03 listing fee each. BUT THAT DOES NOT SEEM TO BE THE CASE! This is the exciting part! I thought that I would have not only a monthly fee of $16.95 to have the store open, but that each and every piece of inventory would hit me with another listing fee every 30 days. But here we are, 15 minutes or so after the items started renewing, and no sign of a listing fee showing up on my eBay invoice. And believe you me - eBay is VERY good at listing their fees on your invoice in a timely manner!

So, anyway, that's why today was a happy day. Some nice sales, and the very real possibility that this store won't cost me as much to run as I had feared. Not bad.

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