Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Long, long ago (like 6+ years ago, back when I was selling Magic cards through a newsgroup), someone put together an order of random "undead" creature cards from me (Zombies, Ghosts, Undead, etc) from several different sets. He or she (I can't remember which) never paid for them, and the cards sat in a plastic case for all this time. When we moved from our condo to our house years ago, the case ended up in a storage box, and I only rediscovered it last month.

Many of the cards just went back in with their respective sets, but 7 of them were from Weatherlight, Tempest and Stronghold, and I had no other cards from these sets.

At first I was sure these were all Common cards, and was going to put them up for sale as a lot of 7 cards. Then I discovered that two were Uncommons, and one was actually a Rare! So, I slightly altered my plans, and now have four Miscellaneous items up in my store, one 4-card Common lot, and the other three cards individually.

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