Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Damn and blast!

I bid $96 with 11 minutes left in the auction for that lot of video games. The high bid was still $51 at the time, and I was now winning with $52. I went to have lunch.

I returned to find someone had outbid me at the last minute, and won the lot for $97.

Part of me wishes I'd been at the computer at the time, because maybe I could have outbid this other person. But part of me says, "hey - $96 was really all you were willing to spend, 'cause that would make $150 total with the shipping (plus there's the 5% MD sales tax since Circuit City has stores in MD)". So, really, that's life. Someone was willing to pay more than I was.

Does that mean they're a complete fool? Or was it really that good a set of games? Now I'll never know. The same outfit has a couple of other lots up ending today, but none of them have a mix of games that excites me, so I'll just have to wait and see if they list anything else.

I was SO looking forward to getting this big ol' box of games, too. SIGH.

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