Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I got 50 more comic book listings up today, and took all the photographs of all the remaining comics I'm planning on listing right now. I've got maybe 1.25 boxes left to type up and upload. Hopefully they'll get done tomorrow.

I got nice feedback from someone today. "As good an ebayer as possible - immediate shipment, and left feedback before me" - this touches on something that's always bothered me. A lot (maybe most?) eBay sellers will hold off on leaving feedback until feedback is left for them. Like leaving feedback for a buyer is a reward for the buyer leaving feedback for them. Many will actually flat out tell you this is their policy.

I've always felt that eBay feedback is earned when you do your part of a transaction satisfactorily. And when a buyer pays for their item, they have done exactly that - what they agreed to do. It behooves me then to leave feedback stating so. Whether they leave feedback for me later is immaterial. They did their job by paying, they deserve feedback which reflects that. Now, hopefully they WILL leave feedback, and I remind them of such on the packing slip I enclose with each order. But if they don't, such is life.

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