Friday, April 21, 2006

You know, managing an eBay store is a lot more work than you might imagine. Even before I created the store yesterday, I have been working over the past week to write up item descriptions and take photos of a bunch of Magic cards. And there's a bunch more to go. I've gotten over 200 cards photographed and described, and there are thousands more to go.

The descriptions can take a while. I wanted my item descriptions to include at least a brief summary of what each card does, because I figure not everyone out there knows what each card does. As a neat consequence of this (unintentional, but cool) is that a buyer can search at my store for certain types of cards. Since I mention, for example, if a card is an "Enchant Land" card, a buyer can search at my store for "Enchant Land" in the titles and description, and get a list of all the Enchant Land cards I currently have for sale. I don't know that my store is unique in this way, but it's probably among the few that bother to take the time.

While I was writing up these descriptions, I was wondering if some of the cards were still in print. I haven't bought new Magic cards in years, and the game has evolved quite a bit in that time. I found a cool site, where you can search for any card in the game. It shows the picture, gives a description, tells you which edition(s) or expansion(s) of the game the card was in. It's chock full of useful information about the game.

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