Thursday, April 27, 2006


Okay, maybe that's overstating things. It's probably more disappointing.

One of the customers who bought one of my father's audiobooks on CD wrote to me today that she had received the item, but that the discs, contrary to the item description, were scratched, and that she wasn't even sure Disc 7 would play. Ay-yi-yi!

I cannot honestly recall checking that particular set, so they may well have been scratched when they left. She says they weren't loose in their case, so it would appear they were not damaged in transit.

This is where the trust issue comes in on eBay. It's entirely possible (although I believe it to be unlikely) that she had a scratched up set, and is trying to find a free replacement by buying from someone and then claiming her set is the one she received. Since I can't specifically remember checking that one, I can't for sure say to myself, "No way was that scratched!"

I offered to refund her money, as well as pay for shipping if she would like to return the item. She's going to try the discs and see if they work or not.

Foremost in my thoughts - I want the customer to be happy. Hopefully we can work out something where that can be accomplished.

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