Monday, April 24, 2006

Well, today didn't end up as planned.

I spent a great deal of time Saturday typing up descriptions of all of my remaining Legends (Uncommons and Rares) and Antiquities (all). Today was to be the day I'd take their photos, add them to the listings and get the cards added to my store's inventory.

Unfortunately, my wife went off on a walking tour of Georgetown with her friend from Austria and took the digital camera with her. Poopie! (as we people with young kids say)

So, anyway, I instead got a lot more of my Dad's audiobooks typed up and in the store. At least I got SOMETHING accomplished today.

Have I mentioned that this store thing is a lot of work? I think I might have said something about that.

On a side note - all this handling of Magic cards has really got me jonesin' to play the game again. Anyone else in Germantown, MD or surrounding environs want to play?

Do I even remember how to?

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