Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well, the limit on my PayPal account finally reset yesterday. Unfortunately the 5 pending payments, which I had hoped would just roll in once the limit was renewed, just sat there waiting for me to accept or deny. Accepting meant moving up to the Premier account, which meant losing $0.30 + deny away I went. Hopefully those 5 people will be understanding and will resend their payments, which will now be able to just come right in.

A royal pain in the tuchus, this.

In better news, two more customers yesterday - one bought some Antiquities cards less than 20 minutes after they went up. Glad I got them up there. I think that I've made back about 50% of my listing fees now for all the cards I've put up. Hopefully some more will sell soon. I'd hate to have gone through all this only to have to close down the store as being a money pit!

Today's project is to get the rest of my Dad's audiobook CDs up (I'll leave the cassettes for a later day, as they seem to be less popular), and start on the next set of Magic cards (Chronicles - a set which reprinted cards from Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and The Dark, but with white borders instead of black). I figure at this rate I may get my entire Magic inventory up before the end of my free month trial period for the store!

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