Thursday, April 20, 2006

All right! Don's Magic and Sundry is online and taking shape. The hardest part in some ways was coming up with a name for the store. Initially I thought I'd tie in our user name (wormwig - explanation will follow sometime), but that didn't sit right.

Earlier today I had this brilliant (I thought) idea: Since I will primarily be selling Magic: the Gathering cards, but my point is to send out the cards across the world, shouldn't I call it "Magic: the Dispersing"?

This was given massive thumbs-down votes by both my wife and my brother. Drat.

Finally, I settled on "Don's Magic and Sundry" because, while I will be selling mostly MtG, there's going to be (ultimately) comic books, audiobooks, and who-knows-what up there as well. Thus, the "Sundry".

Next step...updating the inventory that I've been preparing over the last week...

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