Sunday, April 30, 2006

Okay - one problem gets cleared up, and another surfaces.

The (very nice) lady who had purchased the CDs that turned out to be scratched tried them out, and they work (although with some noise), and I gave her a partial reimbursement since they were not in the stated condition. She is, I believe, satisfied now with the transaction.

BUT, I then had my very first comic book sale through my store, which was great...except...I CAN'T FIND THE COMIC BOOK! I have NO idea where it is! It's not in the stack of "comics to be sold" where it should be (every OTHER comic in my store is there). My brother has no idea where it might be, my two sons have no clue, my wife is unaware of its location.

I have emailed the last 10+ people I have sold comics to in the hopes that maybe I accidentally added it to their shipment. I don't expect to get it back...but at least I would know what happened to it!

I write to the person who bought the comic (who very nicely paid within minutes of buying the thing) and told them the situation. If I haven't located the thing within 24 hours I will reimburse him for the full amount.

I can't believe this has happened. Where could that blasted thing be?

In other news: the Ice Age commons are up, and all of the photos are taken. I need to finish the uncommons and rares tomorrow - too tired tonight to tackle that many.

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