Monday, August 14, 2006

Weirdness abounds!

Well, the Store has been very, very busy lately. Basically I am spending a HUGE chunk of my day in front of a computer, editing already posted items (to add in the cards from Alan that were already up) or writing up completely new ones (for those cards from Alan that I didn't have copies of before). I have occasional breaks to take photographs, eat a meal, or, of course, to fill the many many orders which come rolling in.

Some of the latest: all three Fine condition Revised Taigas for $22.50 each to a gentleman in Belgium; two sets of 5-issue limited series Jonah Hex comic books for $20 each; James' return yesterday to buy the complete Antiquities set for $500.

But the oddest thing to happen lately was a discovery I made when I was playing with the Traffic Reports that I can get for my Store. I can see how many visitors the store has had, which items are the most often viewed, what domains are referring people to the store (mostly eBay itself, of course) and what search terms most often end up with people coming to the store.

When I was checking out the referring domains I noticed that the first and second most were the usual and (the Canadian eBay). But #3 puzzled me. It was from - a site dedicated to the sale and trade of Magic cards. I did a little digging and found out that the referral was coming from a Forum discussion where the gent who won the Mox Ruby from me was asking peoples' opinions of whether he got a good deal or not (I'll let you read the discussion yourself if you're interested). He included a link to the item itself, and (as of this writing), 180 people have clicked on that and seen the Mox in question. Now, how many (if any) of them went on to purchase cards form me, I have no idea. But it was really kind of odd to be getting traffic from such an unexpected source.

On the Lot front, "Lot 4" (Alan's cards) have gone into the black finally, and anything I sell from here on is profit. Good deal. "Lot 1" and "Lot 2" still have some work to do. And, of course, since I haven't even looked at "Lot 3" since the cards came in, that one has a LONG way to go!

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