Saturday, August 12, 2006

Biggest order yet!

Okay, new records were set last night as order after order came rolling in from a gentleman in Kentucky (howdy, James!). As I sat at the computer working on inventory I kept getting new email after new email announcing "eBay Store Item Sold!"

Final tally was somewhere on the order of 260 cards for around $400. It took six invoices to get the whole order together. A lot of the cards were from Alan's collection, and many were from the cards I'm selling for him on commission.

And to make things even crazier, James then went on, after I shipped out his cards to him this morning, to win an auction for 70 cards this afternoon. AND after I had that all packaged up (upon his telling me he was not buying any more), he came back tonight and bought EVEN MORE! This is my kind of customer!

On the Alan front, I am a mere $2 shy of recouping the money I invested in buying his collection - and the really big ticket items haven't even sold yet! Also, the commission items have thus far brought in $1400+ (for me - over $2800 total). Definitely the best investment I have made in quite some time. Thank you, Alan!

I have gotten Alan's cards up through Fallen Empires in the Store now - and have started on Ice Age. Still 10 more expansions to go after that, plus the Unlimited, Revised, 4th and 5th edition cards. I'm not sure I'll be able to get everything up before the August 22 store listing fee price increase!

Well, I'm off to read a little and go to bed early tonight - I'm way to tired to work on Store stuff any more today. But tomorrow it's back to the grindstone!


Alan said...

I've decided that the proceeds from this collection will go toward my son's college account. This should cover two of my parent's questions - one from fifteen years ago starting with "You spent HOW much..." and the current "Have you yet started budgeting for...". Thank you, James and Don!

Don Wiggins said...

You're quite welcome! Actually, James came back AGAIN, and bought the second complete set of Antiquities for $500. I tell you, the man is insane - and I like that!