Monday, August 07, 2006

MtG: Mox Ruby - Unlimited RARE Magic Card Poor Power 9

Sorry there's been no update in a while. I've been very busy!

Alan's collection is VERY extensive. His cards added to mine more than double the stock that I had in my Store, and a lot of it is REALLY good stuff.

I took the first couple of days to get the stuff up that I'm selling on commission. Many of those have sold over the last week - in fact I'm now an honest-to-goodness Power Seller in my own right, having sold over $1800 worth of items in the last 7 days alone!

One of the items which I got when I bought the bulk of his collection was a Mox Ruby which was not in really great shape. I was not at all sure what to ask for it, so I decided to take Josh's advice from a month or so ago and "let the eBayers decide" what it was worth. I listed it for auction starting at $9.99 and sat back. I accidentally made the auction a 3-day instead of the 7-day I had intended, and did not notice until it had a bid, so I couldn't change it.

As of this writing, it's been bid up to $152.50.

The auction ends early tomorrow afternoon, and I'll report then on the final price.

Oh, speaking of final prices, the Collector's Edition I had up for auction ended at $631.12 - short of the $800 that a similar set had gone for just a few days earlier, but not too shabby. There's still another copy in the Store (asking price $900) and one more which I will auction off later.

Oh, and Lot 2 has almost paid for itself, with a good number of cards still to go.

More later, when I have time (maybe in a month?).

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