Monday, March 21, 2011

A Sticker Situation

Okay, here's the deal. For a while now I've been thinking that I need to get stickers made up that I can mail out to people who are interested. They, in turn, would stick these on their trade binders or what-have-you, and BAM - instant advertising campaign! It's worked very well for Yo! MTG Taps,, and Quiet Speculation (all of whose stickers I proudly own myself).

But what would the stickers look like? I have business cards:

But while they are functional, they're rather boring. I don't think they'd quite grab the eye of someone when stuck to a binder.

So, I floated out the idea to @GriffnValentine, artist extraordinaire (see his work here), who designed the Academy West hoodie I have sported at all recent MTG events I've attended. He seems to have a soft spot for MTG-related pieces, so I thought he may be able to help. And help he has!

Here are the three mock-ups he just shared with me earlier today:

And here are his notes that accompanied the image:

"Here are my 3 ideas to start:

1. A very simple scroll design. It would be simple and crisp, not much going on.

2. A treasure room motif. The idea being that your sundries are basically a room full of treasure. Lot's of color, and lots of stuff.

3. A stylish, stoic angel. Again, clean and crisp, with a designy scroll at the bottom for info."

He also noted that he was up for suggestions should none of these three tickle my fancy.

Now, the problem is that it doesn't necessarily matter which one I like, because I am not the one who theoretically will be carrying this around on my trade binder! It's more important that it be something that people will gladly affix and carry around with them.

So, here's where you come in, faithful reader! Please make comments to this blog with your thoughts (or at least vote in the poll at the top of the page!). Do you particularly favor one of the designs over another? If you aren't particularly thrilled with any of these do you have an alternative suggestion? All opinions are appreciated!


Anonymous said...

treasure room

Anonymous said...

The rough sketches are difficult to judge from. I'd like to see a cleaner sketch of the angel before I could really say. The other two I can get a better mental image of, but I can't with the angel. said...

#3. It's the most "Magic: The Gathering" feeling I get. You might get people lost on the treasure trove one when they look at it later. Are you a pirate?

Lennox said...

Is it possible for you to get stickers that aren't rectangular? Circles and other shape stickers are much more interesting and fun. Rectangles seem too corporate!

Also, the angel design feels more 'Magic' than the others.