Friday, March 18, 2011

Sell me your cards!

After much deliberation, and a successful experiment in buying (thanks, @xinpig!), I have finally decided it is time to adopt an official "buy policy". Many people have asked me if I have a Buy List, and this will be the closest I have to that for some time.

So, without further ado, here is (for the moment, at least) Don's Magic and Sundry's Official Buying Policy:
  • I will purchase any cards from you that I would list at $2 or more in my store.
  • I will pay 50% of my selling price as cash, 60% of my selling price as store credit (note that accepting store credit requires that you have an account set up at my store).
  • EXCEPTIONS: If the card is on my Non-Foil Needs List, I will pay 100% of my selling price as store credit. If it is on my Foil Needs List I will pay 75% of my selling price as store credit. These cards are easy to identify in my store inventory: they are the ones that have the silly "No Image Yet Available" Snowman Photo:
  • NON-ENGLISH CARDS: Chinese & Japanese cards will be purchased the same as English. All other languages I will buy at 85% of what I would pay for their English equivalent.
  • SPECIALTY CARDS: (e.g. miscuts, misprints, signed, crimped) These will be priced on an individual basis.
  • CONDITION: If the card's selling price would be over $20, I may be interested in buying it in played condition (Very Fine, Fine, Good or even Poor) but otherwise I am only interested in VF+ to mint cards (some very slight whitening from wear is okay).
  • WRONG SALE PRICE:Note that many cards in my inventory do not currently have a valid price listed (they are listed at $0). If you wish to see what my sell price would be for these, please let me know and I will adjust the listing accordingly.
So, what do you do if you want to sell to me?
  • Use my Contact Me form to drop me an email letting me know you're interested in selling.
  • I will email you back and ask for a list of the cards you would like to sell.
  • Once I have your list, I will create a Google Documents spreadsheet for you detailing my store sell price, my offer for store credit and for cash, etc. (see this document for an example of what that may look like). I will send you the link for that document.
  • You review the spreadsheet, and decide which (if any) of the cards you would like to remove from the sale. We then agree on a final deal.
  • You send the cards to me [you are responsible for any costs involved in shipping the cards to me].
  • Once I receive the cards, and verify their condition, etc. I will then pay you. If you choose cash, I can pay you either by PayPal transfer or check, whichever you prefer. If you choose store credit, I will credit your account with the appropriate amount.
I reserve the right to...
  • update my selling prices to reflect proper current market prices. For example, if a card has rotated out of standard and my current selling price is too high, I will lower the price in my store to reflect what the price should be now. Similarly, if I haven't had a card in stock for a long time and the price has gone up, I will adjust it up to reflect what it should be now.
  • NOT purchase bulk commons or uncommons. Sorry, but I have just too many of them I still need to process right now, I don't need to pick up any more!
  • purchase cards that may not be $2+ in the store, if I am out of stock of them right now.
  • refuse to purchase for any reason.


Aaron Clay said...

This is one of the fairest buy systems that I've seen. You might add bulk prices on here though, that gets asked a lot.

Don said...


Thanks for the feedback. As this is an fresh new thing for me, I think I am going to stay out of the bulk for now...but will definitely consider adding that in the future!

Brandon 'Vander' Cooper said...

I'm impressed with your buying system. Really straightforward and simple. Nicely done!

Don said...


Thanks for the feedback. I tried the system out with my sale to @xinpig, and it seemed to work very well. I got to get some good cards in stock (many of which I was out of), and he got cash and was able to get rid of some cards he didn't need. Win-win all around, I think.