Thursday, March 31, 2011

A new giveaway option!

Another quick entry to explain the new choice in the giveaway Selection Election.

I have several of these Citadel Gaming MTG tokens, which look like little plastic tiles. This Magic Librarities entry shows what they look like.

I currently have Caribou (Version 1 and Version 2), Minor Demon, Skeleton (all 3 Versions), Snake (all 3 Versions) and Wolf. I've got 47 of them total at the moment.

I'm thinking of randomly picking 3 different tokens to make up a prize pack. And they could be yours IF:
  1. They are selected in this go-rounds blog poll; and
  2. You are randomly selected from among my email newsletter subscribers.
What? You aren't subscribed to my email newsletter? Well, you'd better pop over to and sign up!

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