Friday, March 21, 2014

WPN Boy: Advanced Plus

A quick entry today - some exciting news to share.

Earlier this week, WotC & WPN announced a new store level for the stores running their events called Advanced Plus. As in the past, there are certain hoops a store needs to jump through in order to make it to this level. Once there, however, the store is eligible for additional goodies, including (but not limited to) additional Buy-a-Box promos, the ability to purchase extra From the Vault products, and the like.

When I looked at the requirements for this level, I thought that maybe (just maybe) the two stores I work with would be able to pull off Advanced Plus if they pooled their resources. Beyond Comics brings in more players to their FNM events generally, so I figured they would be able to hit the Number of Unique Player requirement and the Number of New Players requirement, but they wouldn't get the Minimum Number of Events since they only run their weekly FNMs, 2 Prereleases per set and Game Day. Novel Books, on the other hand, runs weekly FNMs and a weekly Casual Magic, as well as 3 Prereleases per set and Game Days. They would reach the Minimum Number of Events easily, but would have trouble with the player numbers.

And, unfortunately, neither store has ever had an event with 50+ players yet (we just don't have the space - the only event that comes close is Magic Celebration, as that one can be run as a rolling event with players coming and going, but all counting as participating in a single event).

Patrick (owner of Novel Books) thought it would be interesting to see where we stood anyway. Unfortunately this is not something that a store can just look up for themselves (something that I wish the WPN would institute) but you can ask your WPN representative to check for you and let you know. So, that's what he did. And the results took us completely by surprise.

  • Number of Processed Events: 144 (Requirement for Advanced Plus: 125)
  • Percent of Events Delinquent: 0% (Requirement for Advanced Plus: 0%)
  • Biggest Event: 42 (Requirement for Advanced Plus: 50)
  • New Players: 49 (Requirement for Advanced Plus: 50)
  • Unique Players: 287 (Requirement for Advanced Plus: 250)
That's right - we're almost there already! Since this report was generated we have already had another new member, so that goal has been hit. The only thing we're short on is largest event. We may try to somehow expand out onto the porch of the store some weekend (maybe a huge Conspiracy Draft in June?) to get that one taken care of. So exciting!

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