Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Logo Contest: Vote!

When I first created my Logo Contest (full details here if you missed it), I was nervous and excited. I knew this could end up badly, either with artists raging that I had created a difficult assignment with no guarantee of payment, or (at the other end of the spectrum) so many submissions that I had a tough choice cutting it down to a Top 8. Thankfully, it seems to have hit a middle ground. I'm sure there were many professional graphic artists who chose not to enter, as their time would be better spent on projects that actually got them paid - and I cannot blame then in the slightest bit!

In the end, five artists submitted work (one of them submitting two versions), leaving me with 6 possibilities. Now the decision is in your hands. One of these six choices will become the new logo for Don's Magic and Sundry, and its creator will be awarded $50 in store credit at my site.

As promised, these choices will be kept anonymous so as to not influence the voting. The logos should stand on their own merit, not on the backs of any name their creator may have made for him- or herself. Voting will be open from today (Tuesday, June 25) at noon until Sunday (June 30) at noon [all times EDT].

To cast your vote, please take the survey. The images are repeated in the survey, but needed to be shrunk to half their size due to file size limitations at Survey Monkey. So I present them here, comment free, for you to look at first.

Submission 1

Submission 2

Submission 3

Submission 4

Submission 5

Submission 6
Once you've gotten a good look, please:


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