Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another mystery signature...

Here's another mystery signature. I have four copies of this Wall of Roots (from Mirage) with a signature (initials, really) that looks like "LB":

But the artist on this card is John Matson, whose initials are clearly not "LB". And it just so happens that I have another card from Mirage, Purraj of Urborg, with art by John Matson that is signed by him:

So I think it is quite clear that the Wall of Roots signature is not Mr. Matson's. So, whose signature is it? Any ideas?

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Don said...

I am just leaving a comment to my own post here. I am becoming increasingly certain that this mysterious "LB" may, in fact, stand for "Lightning Bolt" and that these cards, instead of being signed by a mysterious Magic personality, were instead merely a playset of proxies.