Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Store update info

For those who are interested, here's some other updates besides the big headaches eBay has given me lately...
  • This week I have up for auction the last of my REALLY big ticket items, an Alpha Edition Plateau (one of the original 10 Dual Lands). It was originally listed in the store at $150, but had been there for over a year. We'll see how it does at auction. As of this writing it is up to $41.06 with 1 day and 19 hours to go...
  • I now have a full-time job on top of the Store, so I have been severely challenged to find time to do anything more than pull orders lately.
  • Ironically, business has been better than ever since I got the full-time job, so it almost seems that every spare waking moment is spent pulling orders.
  • I made many other collection purchases lately, so I am up to (I believe) Lot 45 now.
  • Another big change is that I have drastically expanded my inventory of unopened booster packs. I have bought entire boxes of boosters for almost every set from Alliances through Scourge so far, and have them listed at the Store and also put many up for auction every week. They have so far been immensely popular.
  • The last Lot I purchased, which I have mostly sorted now, includes many cool Promo cards, as well as a whole bunch of Foils and cards signed by the artists. In some cases they are signed foils, and of very popular cards in their own right. So, hopefully, they will bring in a pretty penny when put up for auction.
  • Morningtide, the second half of the Lorwyn block, has thus far been somewhat of a disappointment. The Lorwyn set produced several insanely popular cards, and generated a great deal of income very quickly. There were quite a bit fewer cards of that ilk in Morningtide, and of course I pre-ordered an entire case based on the popularity of Lorwyn! I should be able to turn a profit on the case eventually, but nowhere near as quickly as I had expected. Now I have to decide what to do for my Shadowmoor pre-order, as that set gets released in May...

And a follow-up to my entry from earlier today...I don't know if Fourth Edition is being treated somehow differently, but I was able to bulk edit those cards tonight without difficulty. These cards, at least, are listed under the "Other" subcategory to the chain I mentioned there, rather than being unclassified at all. Maybe eBay saw the error of their ways, and reclassified everything that was already listed so that at least the category makes some degree of sense?

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alejacompra said...


I often read your blog, and it is really great! It's nice to have such a good eBay storekeeper, that has his own blog and writes news about his shop time to time.

Nice work!