Wednesday, June 28, 2006

MtG: Elvish Hunter or Elvish Scout?

Oh, what a goof up this is!

That nice large(ish) order from Italy yesterday included three copies of the card Elvish Hunter from the Fallen Empires set. When I went to pull the cards I discovered I only had one copy of the card (not a BIG deal - they only sold for $0.15 each).

When I went to investigate how this could have happened, I discovered my mistake. You see, in Fallen Empires, Wizards of the Coast tried an experiment. To make the common cards of the set more "collectible", they included three or four different versions of each card in the set (same text, different artwork). When I inventoried my collection, accidentally lumped in the Elvish Scout card with the Elvish Hunter card - I managed to do it when I photographed them and again when I wrote up the descriptions - I thought nothing of the different pictures because this set had multiple artworks for each common card. I only had one copy of the Elvish Hunter and 5 copies of the same picture of the Elvish Scout - similar names, of course, didn't help.

So, anyway, I have offered the customer his choice of:
  1. two copies of the Elvish Scout shown in the picture;
  2. up to 4 cards totaling up to $0.50 (a little extra to make up for the mistake); or
  3. a partial refund of $0.50 (again, a little extra for the error).

Hopefully he will be understanding and not too ticked off at me. Oy! And now I need to create a new listing for the Elvish Scout on top of it all!

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